Friday, December 18, 2009

An update, finally

First of all, Salam Maal Hijrah everyone. Hopefully this new year will bring you more prosperity and may God provides protection and guidance, insyaAllah.

Secondly, thousand apologies for not much an update for me. "Not much" will be an understatement, I know. Excuses are lame, weknow. So no excuse this time, that I assure you.

For a restart, I have a book in the list. (I promise to continue with another later)

1) The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

What can I say about the book? Well basically I think everyone has got his hand on this book, especially since it debuted on silver screen last November. Sadly, I havent got the chance to watch the movie yet but that's not a sad case; I always prefer reading the book rather than watching its adaptation. Oh yes I'm pretty biased there I know.

The title tells it all- it lies around a couple, Henry and Clare who found each other when Clare is six and Henry is 36. The story is told based on first-person narration of both of them, so it helped us to see and understand the story from both perspectives. It is no science fiction I'm telling you, but it is told that Henry's ability (or maybe disease) is caused by stress and by the flickering images on the tv. Anyway, while at first I think it might be cool to have your other half time-traveling- it is not really. Henry couldn't tell Clare what will happen in her future, and pretty much he couldn't do much. He couldn't drive (imagine one sec he'd be on the wheel, and *blink* he's in the 70s,then whatever happen to the car, right?), and yeah, he time travels, naked. *gulp*

So I scratch my word- God forbid please don't give me any time traveler, not even in the form of Eric Bana . Sobs!

How does this story move you? By letting you share the joy of two person who loved each other, but at the same time- bring you at unease and sore you as Henry time travels. And yes, touched you when one knows that it takes more than you can give to stay normal- though you're not.

So there, pretty much the description of Time Traveler's Wife. Available in your nearest bookstore, priced at RM44.90

p.s:Oh, I have one extra book of this UP FOR GRABS! I've bought one and suddenly my sister told me she already has the book. So buzz me if you want this book :)