Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Be VERY Excited!

I'm currently in Terengganu on a one-week-vacation and guess what, I managed to finish three books in the span of 4 days here. Throw a person in an unfamiliar environment and he can accomplish great things. Great things!
The three books are:

1. The Autobiography of Malcolm X (As Told to Alex Haley)

2. My Name Is Red, by Orhan Pamuk

3. Lady Chatterley's Lover, by DH Lawrence

But, as per usual, the reviews will be coming shortly (short, being an adjective, is subjective) since my holiday isn't over yet. In about a week, the review of Malcolm X's biography will be ready, inshaAllah. It's not like I have much to do anyway at home, apart from reunions and trips back to alma mater etc.

P/S: Aini, kau kena baca Orhan Pamuk. Seriously. Best gila!