Friday, March 15, 2013

The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard

I have been introduced to the whole concept of The Story Of Stuff while I was a degree student. We were sitting in a class of Environment Management (one of my favorite classes during my undergrad years-highly recommended) and our dear lecturer showed us one of the videos. It changed (almost) the whole concept of sustainability that we have understood before, and I am always amazed by the ideas presented by Annie Leonard and the whole team.

Then, a month ago a friend lend me the book. The 'story' is pretty much the same, only with wider and expanded explanation, in my honest opinion.Early pages of the book might have made you think on the power of purchasing. To make it simpler, for example, some people always on the go with cheaper items with short lifespan, with the idea that all these things- when is no longer useful, can be recycled. Why don't we spend more for something that has higher quality and last longer? Isn't it a better idea to reduce, reduce and reduce, rather than purchasing low-quality stuff with the hope that it will (or might) be properly recycled? How about preventing new waste being made while producing new items?
"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without"

This book might have revealed a lot of bad ideas and habits that we have been practicing daily each day, but it won't be too late to change. After finishing the book, you might  think deeper while make choices during purchasing. Somehow, you couldn't help to wonder how each item purchase not only affect you, the environment, the economy, but to the whole community's health too. Trust me, you don't need to put your green-hipster-cap on to save the environment, because every little deed goes a long way.

Holistic and  brilliant, and if you want a head start- click here to view its website -

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